This is the Fate of the Teachers

Like Teachers Who Were Serving in Remote Primary Task Force,
To The Ride A Coal Car School
Many teachers refused to teach to remote schools in the remote villages of Bengkulu Tengah (Benteng). Various reasons and ways to stay in the suburbs. However, among thousands of teachers there are obedient and amanah as state servants. Like the Primary School Teacher 8 Taba Penanjung Desa Tanjung Raman. Here’s the report.

-HARMOKO, Benteng-

WEATHER yesterday morning (29/9) is quite bright. The sunlight illuminates the universe of Earth Rafflesia, the Citadel. Nevertheless, the road to Tanjung Raman Village was still wet in the aftermath of the night. It is difficult for an unusual person to go to the garden through this road. Because, 9 kilometers of road to be passed is known as a buffalo road or a street full of puddles.

Already imagined, how difficult it is to get into Tanjung Raman. But it must be passed by the teachers who served in the area of ​​the village. A total of 8 teachers who routinely enter this remote category village, with the spirit of carrying out noble duty for the sake of educating the nation’s children. They go to Tanjung Raman by relying on a pickup car ride that can carry coal.

Head of SD Negeri 12 Taba Penanjung, Suandi, S.Pd admitted that all teachers in his school are very disciplined. Even though the road conditions were damaged, they continued to teach in a coal car to get to the school teaching the village children. “All the teachers and including me were picked up at the Tanjung Raman Village intersection, a stanby coal car waiting,” said Suandi.

Ride the coal is a quick solution to the destination. Because the teacher can safely and safely cross the buffalo puddle. “Our teacher once drove her own car to this school. A lot of calamities experienced by teachers. Like entering in a mud pool and there is an accident. On the incident, we teachers agreed to ride a car carrying coal, “he said.

The senior teacher of Tanjung Raman, Erlinawati S.Pd, feels sorrow for teaching in Tanjung Raman. As a teacher, he devoted himself to a remote area, making him discover unique things. Like the experience of mingling with nature. The community is also very friendly and still has a high social sense. “Many of his sorrows mainly pass through the journey to work. Imagine when the rain came, and there was no shelter. Coal car that was boarded Pick Up L300 car, “he told RB.

Another teacher, Ijonmini felt that carrying out duty in Tanjung Raman was very pleasant. He really became a true teacher, educating children in disadvantaged villages who do need education. “The salary received is the result of sweat. Rather than teaching in a city full of relaxed, continue to be the spotlight from various parties, “he said. (**)

Nasib Guru Tanjung Raman Naik Mobil BB (3)

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